In my dreams… 

Sometimes when I think about you and how much I want to be next to you,  I can almost feel you laying between my legs,  my hands reaching for your jaw line,  my legs moving up to pull you near and close the space between us. 

Feeling your chest firm against mine,  my lips reaching for yours, and my hips arching up to slide you inside of me.  Feeling you fill me,  and exhaling against your lips. 

Moving my hips up and down,  helping you slide deeper,  slower,  pushing inside of me. 

Arching my hips to feel your skin pressing against my clit while you fill me. 

My insides quivering and beginning to shake while you move faster. My hands reaching down over your shoulders and my fingers gripping your skin. 

You moving faster,  pushing down deeper. 

I start breathing your name, begging for you to let me cum. 

You take my hands and hold them against the pillow above my head,  and you lean down and kiss me hard.  Pulling your lips away,  out of breath,  you tell me to cum. 

And at the same time,  you fill me and my insides tighten around you and release. 

And the best feeling of all that,  would be you collapsing on top of me,  and running my fingers slowly up and down your sweat covered skin. 

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