Things I wish you knew… 

I wish you knew… 

Every time you send me a selfie, I see more than your smile and eyes. 

I see the laughter flowing from your lips the night we smoked so much that I couldnt breath. I see the lines in the corner of your eyes,  and they remind me of the way you smiled at dinner.  I want to appreciate them,  and smooth them with my thumb at the same time. 
Every time you hug me,  I don’t just feel your arms. 

I feel a place I didn’t know existed. I feel a safety that I wasn’t sure was real.  I feel a calmness in all the anxiety I feel when I stand too close to you. I feel the buzz go calm,  and the rush od blood silence. 
Every time we have a conversation,  I don’t just heat your sentences. 

I hear your voice and fins its calm.  I hear your thoughts and get wraped up in how wonderful they are.  I hear your excitement when you speak about things you love.  I hear the honestly and innocents in your dreams. I hear your intelligence and think of how beautiful your mind is. 
I wish you could see all these things. 

I wish I could sit on the couch with you, in my pajamas,  and just do anything to make You laugh,  and feel loved. I would hold your hand as tightly as you hold my attention,  and smile each time you made my heart beat a little faster. 
I just wish you knew. 

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